Winter Celebrity Haircuts

In the winter months the skin and hair loses its moisture which results in hair being rough, dry and lifeless. Hence, special care has to be taken to maintain a healthy and problem free hair during this season. While regular washing is a good method to keep hair healthy, excessive washing in this season may lead to dandruff and excessive hair fall.

Winter Celebrity Haircuts

Proper styling of your hair is also important in winter as it helps provides shine to your otherwise would be dull hair. We have collated few of the hairstyles which are as under:

The actress has sported a short bob cut with slight layers at the ends. The sides have been neatly parted and blow dried with a medium round of brush. The roots have been lifted with a curled the damp hair turned outward and high heat has been used to obtain the bouncy upswing.

The celeb has worn a long bob coupled with slightly textured ends and strongly textured long bangs. After washing comb thoroughly with a wide toothed comb., the hair has been massaged in some mousse. It has then been blow dried over the head for the volume. The dampness of the hands has been used to scrunch in the naturally flowing big waves. A light hairspray has been applied from underneath to keep the lift at the roots.

The celeb has adopted a natural brown hair color with lightened reddish mahogany panels. In this picture, she wares her hair in a short style with a side parting and has curled them back and away from her face. The long bangs are shifted over on one of her eyes, allowing them to settle upon her temple and along her sides.

Tip: One way to avoid the dryness of the hair during this season is to have a regular oil message which will help erode the dryness of the scalp.

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