Why does Hair Loss Occur?

http://tips4hairloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Hair-Loss-Treatment-for-Women.jpgHair loss occurs due to a host of reasons. When one is younger, seldom does one think about aspects like hair loss. As a person grows up, especially when one undergoes chemical hair treatments, may it be straightening or curling or perming or any heat related treatment done multiple times to one’s hair, there is a bigger chance of hair fall. Hair fall to a certain extent, say a few strands of hair every time one washes it is not unhealthy, in fact it is considered as very normal and nominal as well.

Hair, when it falls more than a few strands or falls periodically / often / at many times in a month makes for hair loss. Hair loss is a thing of concern, especially to women. Hair loss can also occur due to an unbalanced diet or stress. Stress can be quite impactful towards the performance of hair. Hair follicles that are stressed very often, cease to perform with efficiency and therefore, fall and break easily. There are hair exercises too these days, which people try to do to keep their hair fit.! To keep in mind few points to avoid hair loss, (instead of opting for creams and tonics to cure hair loss- or even medication if there is a lot of hair loss occurrence) are to maintain a balanced and equitable diet and to try not to take on undue stress. Also what helps is to avoid brushing hair while it is wet and to use big toothed/bristled comb to comb out hair and knots. It also helps to avoid giving or exposing your hair to too much heat treatments and to make sure that you use hat protective sprays, like the Tony and Guy one with protein for hair protection before any ironing, curling or setting of any kind.

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