Wedding Hair Accessories

Marriage is a very important occasion for the bride and her family. The bride is always the focus of attention for everyone on her wedding day. People appraise her from top to toe on this day. Her dress, makeup, jewelry, foot wear – and last but not the least her hair style and hair decorations are all in the lime light on this special day. The brides wedding accessories make her stand out in the crowd. One big part of these accessories is formed by her hair decorations.

There are varied wedding hair accessories that a bride can choose from. However this will depend completely on her personal looks, length of hair, choice of hair style and colour and style of wedding costume. Most elegant bridal hair accessories comprises of combs, tiara, hairpins, veils, hair clips of precious metals studded with beads, precious and semi precious stones.

Hair is a very important aspect of a woman’s beauty. Hair is also the crowning glory of any bride. Hair when done well and decorated with exotic hair accessories lends an enchanting effect to the brides being. Hair sticks and hair barrettes with tiaras in precious metals like gold or sterling silver with precious stones embellishments makes every bride the queen of ceremony.

The culture of the girls country and community, and the type of ceremony also goes a long way in deciding the hair accessories for the radiant bride. For example an Indian bride’s choice of hair embellishment would be completely different from an English bride who wears a gown and veil on her wedding day. An Indian bride will either wear a bun or a plat with her ghaghara, sari or salwar kaameez while an English bride can leave her hair open or go for a hair do.

Hair accessories also help in proper management of bridal hair. Hair sticks, hair pins, barrettes, hair combs etc can all be carefully chosen by different brides to suit the occasion, appearance, dress and culture. Wedding hair ornaments are particularly designed in curved and twisted patterns and painted or dyed with exquisite designs. Hair sticks for brides come in huge variety. They are handcrafted and have wonderful combinations like crystal, ivory, hand carved bones, precious metals like silver and gold. Hair sticks which are adorned with rhinestone are also available in several designs for brides.

Hair clips are a very important ingredient of hair accessories for brides on their wedding day. These are done in high quality craftsmanship for wedding wear. A rhinestone hair comb enhances the attraction of bridal wear hundredfold.

Bridal hair jewelry is crafted and designed by artisans of different cultures and are made of various precious metals like gold, silver, solid brass and studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or crystals and rhinestones in square shapes and light colours. Combs for brides are also made of best materials like crystal, sterling silver or solid gold. Bridal hair decorations are usually embellished from both sides and look breathtakingly beautiful.

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