Wavy Thick Hair

Getting the hairstyle on thick hairs is typically hard, as the lack of bounce and volume does not allow the hairs to get good hairstyle. Wavy thick hairs are little hard to style and they also have the tendency to frizz. If you are among the people having such kind of hairs then you need to first consider the thickness of hairs and face shape before going with any hairstyle or haircut. Let us see what kind of hairstyle, haircut and who to care your wavy thick hair.

Wavy Thick Hair Hairstyle for Wavy thick hair:

There are few hairstyles for people having thick and wavy hairs that will suits to their face and hair texture even when they are going for a smashing party or on casual function.

  • You can wear Dramatic updo, this hairstyle make you look dramatic, although you need to use some kind of strong hairspray to ensure that your hairstyle work for whole day.
  • For wearing the dramatic look you need to first start by isolating the hairs into two inch section just above the nape and then comb the rest of the hairs and tie a ponytail. Then divide the isolated part into two and bring them towards the forehead from both the sides of head and pin it neatly.
  • Now start twisting the hairs and pin them down. Dramatic updo works well with long hairs.
  • Another hairstyle that works really very well with wavy thick hair is twisted chignon. To get this hairstyle you can apply mousse to damp hairs and then make use of blow dryer to make them try. Split them into two equal section front and back. Divide the front section into middle parting and take the back portion and tie the hairs into a form of ponytail. Now split the ponytail into 4 equal parts, twist the hairs from roots to the tip and tie them with the pins.
  • Finally take the two front sections, twist them and roll them from behind. To fix the flyaway hairs make use of serum, you can also make use of hair accessories to decorate your hairs.

For getting a good hairstyle for your wavy thick hair, you need to undergo haircut especially designed for thick textured hairs. You also have to do special care of for your wavy thick hair. Let us see some of the tips of doing better care for your thick hairs.

Care for wavy thick hair:

  • In every 6 to 8 weeks do trim your hairs; this will help you to keep your hairs in good condition. Trimming also helps to save your hairs from splitting at the end of bay.
  • Use hair conditioner and shampoo for making your hair clean and smooth. Do remember not to make use of any shampoo that contain harmful and artificial chemical and additives. Also consider the hair products that suit your hair texture.
  • Avoid using too much of the spray and styling products.
  • You wide toothed comb for untangle your thick hairs.
  • Do not rub your hairs for making them dry, use towel or any other soft cloth to avoid breakage and frizzing.

So, follow these nice tips on Wavy thick hairs and get them dressed in the way you want.

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