Wavy Medium Hair Cuts for Women

There are some step by step simple techniques by which you can maintain your wavy medium hair cuts. This technique is not expensive at all. This method will give you ability to maintain your wavy medium hair cuts without the involvement of the hair designers. I mean, it can be done right inside your home without spending a dime.

STEP 1:image

Run your wavy medium hair cuts with warm or cool water and ensure that your hair is wet absolutely.


Crunch your medium hair cuts with a little quantity of hair conditioner, begin from the extremes and crunch with your hands to the scalp.


Protect the wavy medium hair cuts with shower cap for 5 minutes; ensure that you did not allow hot water or soap to come in contact with it when bathing.


Be conscious of your hair as wet hair can injured. Ensure you comb very well, beginning combing from your hair roots to the hair tips. Do not use brush to do this but use a large toothed comb.


Application of scalp massage is very essential to eliminate any available dandruff and oil. It also improves your hair growth.image


Use cool water to clean your wavy medium hair cuts because if you use hot or tepid water, then your hair will be fizzy.


Dry the hair partially with towel.


Ensure that you shake out your medium hair cuts in order to separate the wavy medium hair cuts. This makes you look attractive.


Apply little quantity of serum base on your hair volume. Begin this application from the hair tips down but ensure that it does not touch your scalp so that you did not attract dandruffs.

STEP 10:

Separate the hairs with your fingers by parting at the middle.

STEP 11:

Avoid blow dryer or towel but allows natural dryness otherwise, your hair will frizz up and you will start again.

STEP 12:

After it has dried up, apply hydrated curl balm to your wavy medium hair cuts to ensure durability. This is good for night outing.

With the above mentioned step by step techniques, you will be able to maintain your wavy medium hair cuts in a healthy way. Always remember that healthy wavy medium hair cuts are beautiful indeed. Wavy medium hair cuts are easy to maintain without spending a penny to the hair stylists.

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