Wavy Hair

A lady with straight hair often wishes to have the feminine wavy hair and vice versa. Styles are plenty and easily done with the kind of advances hair fashion is making. Poker straight hair can be converted in long waves or one can get the jungle look with absolute big curls. The advantage of wavy hair and especially that of naturally wavy hair is that it can be easily ironed to get the straight look. Moreover wavy hair has a natural bounce which is a plus point. Maintaining wavy hair is the easiest. If the hair is long then it’s a double bonanza as one can style it with a bandana or tie it up in a long scarf.

There are again types of wavy hair cuts like big curls, curly wavy hair cuts, bob and wavy hair cut and gentle waves. There are stylized gels that help in creating waves with gentle scrunching. Wavy hair when let loose is loaded with style and also perfect for the evening. If the hair is naturally wavy then colouring the hair is an experts field. Since the hair has soft turnings and curly waves the brush strokes need to perfect. Streaking the hair is generally preferred to break the monotony of the natural hair colour.

Wavy HairThe natural part of life is one is never satisfied with the qualities of self and more so when it comes to the physical features. A person with wavy hair may find the style very routine but haircuts are the best solution. Trims and nipping the split ends are essential because wavy hair normally hides the same and breakage is the only way one detects the problem. Grooming becomes important for wavy hair and a simple brushing of hair can make it look luxurious. Herbal shampoos and oils also enhance the appeal and a regime is hence important.

There are few tips though about wavy hair. If the hair is full bodied then one needs to exercise caution by not using a volume increasing shampoos. In case you are on the heavier side then keep the hair short or tied up with a nice hair clip. Butterfly clips are the best and when clipped they give a beautiful fall to the hair. Use deep U cuts or keep the hair in layers. Condition the hair well and clean whenever necessary.

Got for a short bob with brown hair. IF you want a mop of dark black hair highlight the same with good eye make up. They are easy to manage and suit all lifestyles. It is surely possible to tie up the hair in different ways or simply style them with gels. When on travel use a scarf to shield the hair from the hazards of pollution. Wash hair clean and remember wavy hair is your best accessory.

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