Wavy Hair Tips

Hair problems definitely occur at some point of time. It is true the hair factor is genetic. Hair care is a must and it is necessary that ones goes through a regime of head massage, wash and conditioner application. Washing whenever hair is dirty is the best method as often washes can rob the moisture and shine from the hair. If you live in a tropical country then washing hair daily or alternate days is a must as hair attracts grime, dust and accumulates sweat. This not only is bad for the hair but also a necessity in hygiene.

Wavy hair is the best gift a women can possess. If the hair is long and wavy there is double magic and one can enjoy all the hair styles at one go. There are styles to hold the hair high up or create further waves at the ends. One can go in for the open loose hair look or hold up a bun with tendrils all along the face line. There are problems that wavy hair face and the main one is that of dry hair.

The dryness in hair is mainly caused owing to stress, general ill health, lack of magnesium and zinc and also hair treatments. If one is constantly on curling the hair or on rollers it is high time to let the hair breathe. Natural wavy hair is a blessing because all it needs is a good wash. The hair cut for wavy hair is amazing with layers, U and a V cut. Length can vary from medium, short and also kept long. Though long wavy hair is beautiful it requires good maintenance. Use a good style gel to keep the hair in place. Use a scarf to cover the hair while on travel on walking on the sand with the sun above.

Oily hair in the wavy type requires frequent wash as the skin of the person must also be oily. Here again a good conditioner is necessary. Buying a good conditioner is necessary as if the hair is oily then a conditioner will again render it falling flat and limp. There are advanced thickening lotions and gels. There are hair sprays and mousse that help your cover the remarkable partings owing to hair fall. There are also vitamins that are essential when one is on menopause because hair fall might be present during this time but most importantly hair thinning and dryness is a common occurrence.

Eating a well balanced diet with enough iron and protein balance is essential. Sprouts are a good source of protein and including almonds is a nice idea too. Iron is freely found in green vegetables and spinach is rich in folic acid. Soya is also a good quality of protein and promotes body repair also. Wavy hair is better left natural and combing should begin from the ends rather than from roots. Slowly progressing the combing higher up to reach the roots is a better option as this prevents hair breakage and hair loss.

Damaged hair owing to over use of artificial methods has to be repaired with repairing formulas. Use a valid hair mask or pack overnight and wash it well the next morning. Hair health is again a lot about discipline in habits and diet.

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