Wavy Hair Perm

Perms can make your hair almost permanently wavy, however when you go to get the wavy hair perms in a beauty salon, it might cost you more depending upon the type of perms you are looking for and the products used to get the desired perms. But if you are confident enough and have some knowledge of styling you can play with the hair products and chemicals and hair tool to perform the perm treatment on the hairs at your home itself. You just can follow these simple necessary instructions to perform the perm treatment by yourself.

Wavy Hair Perm Buy the necessary perm products from the markets or pharmacy shop, you can find the appropriate usage and direction of almost all the hair perm products mentioned on the back of the product pack. It is recommended to read the instruction and the guidelines clearly.

  • Now wash your hairs with mild shampoo, washing the hairs will clean your hairs and will also help to perform the treatment effectively. For hair wash you can also make use of some high protein conditioner, but avoid using heavy hair products as, they might react with your hairs and can also damage them. Allow your hairs to dry and then comb it by making use of wide toothed comb.
  • It is recommended to cover your face and also the hand skin while you under go for the wavy hair perm, as the hair chemical used are only subjected to use on hairs and it can have adverse effect on the skin so it is better to wear the good quality of plastic hand gloves to avoid the impact. Now you are prepared for the wavy hair perm treatment.
  • Now the first step is to divide the hairs into section, make it four equal sections of your hairs. Now place the curling rod to get the waves, you can use several type of rods to create multiple size curls if you want. But it is preferred to use straight or cylindrical curling rod to get the most natural waves. Warp your each section of your hairs around the curling rod from top to bottom.
  • Now it’s the time to apply the hair perm chemical on the hairs, for this start from the hair root. Gently massage the chemical onto your hairs, allow the chemical to stay for longer period for the best effect. After this wash your hairs with plenty of water, as it is important to remove the chemical completely. Left chemical can also damage the protein bonds of hairs. To avoid such kind of problem make use of professional neutralizing solution. Now make your hair dry with towel or any other soft cloth. Hold your hairs upside down and shake them slowly. Leave them as it is and do not comb them at least for next 24 hours. The curly can take even more time, depending upon your hair texture and how effectively you performed the steps. By following these step effectively your hairs can remain wavy permed for next coming 4 to 5 months.

So enjoy the wavy hair perm, just by following the simplest cost effective steps.

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