Wavy Hair Maintenance

Wavy hair- An asset or a liability? With the brilliant new techniques to style, maintain and manage hair, wavy hair is an asset for sure. Way hair can be sported with far too many looks; much more than is feasible with any other hair type (say curly or straight).

Maintenance of wavy hair can be done easily and well. The key is to use conditioner to soften and take way the frizziness that is caused often in way hair. Way hair can be cut in layers to pronounce the light waves of the hair; with the right cut, the hair can look naturally styles (preferably the cut should involve few layers at least). Wavy hair can be dry, normal or oily, depending on hair types. Each of these hair types with wavy hair can be maintained with great efficiency.

[lindsay-lohan-picture-001.JPG]Products for wavy hair are many – Dove, a company dedicated to making women’s hair beautiful and soft, has products that are specific for the needs of wavy hair. There are products from Pantene and Tony and Guy that help in adding quality to your existing waves. Wavy hair can look great and with the use of the right products, be it a shampoo, conditioner, spray or tonic; wavy hair can look incredibly well-maintained with the right techniques of management.

There are mousses that help in giving waves an even more defined texture and help in a general, wet look that is set and manageable throughout the day (Try Dove Mousse). There is a range of international products of Herbal Essences (an International company for hair products) that is great for wavy hair as well. There is also a spray on from Garnier which is meant to be pretty good for wavy hair.

A leave in conditioner (but then again, it at times acts as a serum and greases scalp and skin to cause break-outs) is a good option to hold hair in place and to give an add-on to towel-dried hair, making styling and setting of hair easier and better / long lasting. Use not very heavy scented products (as very heavy scents often means very many chemicals and this can be avoided) as frizziness of hair in wavy hair types is not a pretty sight!

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