Wavy Hair- Barbie Doll Looks Come Alive With New Age Hair Tips

Hair fundas or in more proper terminology, hair fundamentals have always been essential. After all, who does not want and wish for good looking and well maintained hair. Barbie dolls have been a rage in the doll genre and every girl loves a Barbie doll! Notice how Barbie has become iconic and her hair is always shiny and smooth. There are so many version of Barbie and each and every version, without an exception, has smooth hair, whether it is a blonde Barbie with wavy hair locks or whether it is Barbie in an Indian attire with tied back hair in a plaited format. Barbie doll is the most popular doll known to mankind and there are ways and means to achieve her hair and have hair look like that.

Barbie dolls have hair that is shiny. How does one achieve that look? it is simple. Use products like leave in conditioner 9provided your skin is not sensitive) or use conditioners from brands such as a wonderful TIGI or Bedhead. Blow dry your hair for an occasion by using serum and combing your hair out or in, depending on the style that you may choose or prefer to adorn. The straight hair look is good as well. How does one achieve that? That too is simple. Use a straightening cream or milk based lotion from brands like L’Oreal that give a smoothening effect to hair and inturn, your hair will look well maintained as well as smoothly straightened out.

Barbie dolls have been known to have fantastic skin and hair and features that are impeccable. Also, their dressing is wonderful. The key to good hair is well maintained habits to look after hair and care for it. Hair that is unmanageable needs to be washed with the ideal shampoo and there are very many brands that are good for hair that is damaged or broken pr even split at the ends. Hair grooming is a big part of an enhancing regiment. One looks after their body and similarly, one should and must look after their hair. Brushing helps in achieving the former stated look. Brushing with good and wide bristles of the brush is ideal for hair to avoid and refrain from breakage of any sort and kind. This helps in a majority of ways and hair that is smooth is therefore achieved.

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