Wavy Celebrity Haircuts

Grass is always green on the other side it is said. So true it is with people having wavy hair! They wish they had straight hair. Meanwhile the one with the straight hair wish they had wavy.

Wavy Celebrity Haircuts

The major advantage of wavy hair is that it can be easily ironed to get the straight look. Moreover wavy hair carries a natural bounce which is a plus point. Another addition is that wavy hair is easy to maintain.

There are again types of wavy hair cuts like big curls, curly wavy hair cuts, bob and wavy hair cut and gentle waves.

Naturally, a lot of homework goes in selecting your wavy look. Before you select your wavy look do check out the below collated hairstyles:

The celebs one length bob cut falls in fancy waves and curls around her ivory skin face making her look sexy.

The hairstylist has given her wavy hair short crew cut which suits her blond hair. Although, her hair appears messy and untidily kept, it provides her a fresh youthful look.

The celeb has worn plenty of poufs in long layered and wavy hairstyle. Her blown sections of the hair are styled crossing her forehead and stretched out to go over her brows. The fluffiness is mostly in the crown area where her hair is the shortest and the rest of the wisps of the hair are scattered around her face.

The hairstylist has given that wavy effect by taking small sections of the hair and starting to pin up over other sections. He/she has then allowed some of the hair to flip out over the wraps and others to be tacked over with braids or clip on hair colors for that cool sexy look.

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