Types of Sedu Hairstyle

Hairstyles & haircuts play a crucial role in modifying one’s personality. These days female prefer a style that is easy to maintain, at the same time gives elegant…& trendy look. Also a style that goes with every occasions, be it a social gathering, a party or an office meeting. Females are more influenced by the hairstyles of models& actresses. One of the most popular hairstyle amongst them is straight hairs. Also called sedu-hairstyles. There are three types of sedu hairstyles:-

Sedu Hairstyle 1) CASUAL & SLEEK:-You have wavy hairs. Don’t worry. You can have straight & sleek. Hairstyle using a sedu flat iron. In this you need to wash your hair using a conditioning. Shampoo & then dry your hair straight with a towel. Then apply a leave- in conditioner &keep it for 2-4 minutes. This will soften your hairs. Mix a quality hair gel with a hair serum to make your hairs look shiny & straight. Blow dry the hair using a drier with nozzle pointing down the hair shaft. Now the hairs are dry & straight. Use a sedu flat iron from top to tip of the hair. Now apply a hair spray for giving ultra shine finish. Lastly iron the hairs flat

2) CHIC HAIRSTYLES: – Wash the hair with conditioning shampoo, dry flat using a towel, apply leave-in conditioner. Now divide the hairs in two sections & blow dry on both the sides from back to front using a round brush. Want to make your hairs look voluminous? Okay. For this hold the brush near the scalp for few seconds &slowly go down till the tip of the hairs.

3) UPDO BUN: – This type of sedu hairstyle gives a royal look. Repeat the chic style &apply hair gel on the top & sides off the hair, now take a firm pony. Apply hair spray. Now take a few stripes of hairs from below the pony & rotate round the band of the pony. For firmness support it with pins. Backcomb the remaining hairs. Take few stripes from backcombed hairs, curl it with your finger & pin it in the place using a bobby pin. Repeat till all hairs are done. Apply hair spray for neat & firm finishing.

This sedu hairstyle is one amongst the top 5 celebrity hairstyles. Naming few Celebs from the lot who adore sedu hairstyle are Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zinta. Thus sedu hairstyle is in vogue & will always be. So before you hit a party, disc or formal gathering Sedu hairstyle is the best choice.

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