Two Types of Hair Straightening

Hair straightening was invented in Japan and after that hair straightening has become a trend all over the world. Every woman around the world is going for hair straightening because it transforms your look tremendously. Hair straightening is known as Japanese Straight Perm, Japanese Straightening, Straight Perm and Thermal Reconditioning.

There are two types of hair straightening:

1 chemical hair straightening

2 mechanical hair straightening

Hair Straightening If you go for a chemical hair straightening, always choose a reputed salon because the harsh chemicals can damage your skull if not applied professionally. Before going for chemical hair straightening, consult your friends and family members who have already done it. You can even check on the internet for the address of the salon best in this business. After gathering all the information then choose a salon. Chemical hair straightening is a six hours process in which chemical is applied on your hair and then hot iron machine is used to break the hair strands in a straight manner. This process of applying the chemical then using the hot iron and then later shampooing it, is done twice.

After this process you emerge with a complete different look with smooth and silky hair. This process can change your physical appearance and can boost your confidence tremendously. Many young women are opting for this process because they are bored with their natural hairs which are rough, wavy, frizzy and dry. These kinds of hairs are very difficult to manage and consume a lot of time to set them up. For working women, hair straightening is the best option to avoid getting late to the office.

You can also go for mechanical hair straightening which is in form of a machine. In this machine there is a ceramic plate which emits heat and gives out ions which makes your hair straight in few minutes. You need to place some part of your hair on the ceramic plate for few minutes to get straight hair.

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