Trendy Hairstyling Tips for Long Hair

Trendy Hairstyling Tips for Long Hair

Someone had very rightly said once that long hair never goes out of fashion. In fact, nothing looks more desirable that a healthy bunch of long, naturally straight hair adorning a young woman. True, in order to win some, you have to lose some. As a result, maintaining long tresses, in today’s jet age could tire a woman out, but eventually, it’s all worth the effort when you see yourself looking a million bucks in the mirror. If for nothing else, thanks to the sheer surface area, many unconventional hair styles can be carried out on long hair.

In terms of styling tips for long hair, it is very important that long hair looks healthy and well looked after. A generous hot oil massage every week is a must along with a curd wrap. This ensures that dandruff is kept at bay and hair appears silky smooth. Such hair also requires regular frequent combing and brushing to avoid knots and roughness. A trim once in a while will get rid of the split ends and allow the hair to continue growing without any hindrance. In case of colored hair, a suitable shampoo and subsequent conditioner is must!

Long hair can be given a fun look by trimming the hair in steps and layers with razor edges in front. This is not only convenient but a perfect blend of the modern and traditional. Similarly, if such hair is further styled by curls in different areas, it is perfect for a night out at the club or a warm date! Colored streaks look groovy on long hair and locks of hair can be used to retain more than one color for the adventurous women. Also the classic top knot high pony tail can be worn with élan if the careless locks on the sides of the face are either beaded or plaited.


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