Trendy Hairstyling Tips for Boys

Most young boys today are more fashion savvy than their older counterparts. These guys go to schools which are predominantly the hubs of styling discussions. When selecting haircuts for young boys, it is imperative that we remember that they will be messy and playful. As a result, simple and easy to maintain hair cuts should be preferred for the more ostentatious ones.

Layered Haircut: Here the layers are allowed to fall on the face smartly from the sides but the stylist needs to be careful about the length of the hair. Schools are strict and hair should not looker longer than the mid of the ears.

Layered Haircut

The Short Buzz Cut: The hair is cut short and if we run our hands of it, we feel the sensation of a carpet or grass. This prevents any mess and allows the boys to just remain boys.

The Short Buzz Cut

Crew Cut: Similar to the previous style, here the hair is left thicker in the middle and lighter on the sides to give a light and dark effect. This seems exciting for the boys.

Crew Cut

Curly Do: The hair in this case is either wavy or curly and such hair can be glossed up with a little hair mousse for an evening birthday party or family night put. This is for special occasions and boys can handle this on their own.

Curly Do

Spikes: This is ever popular and has many versions to this nowadays. The classic one remains the one where the hair is gelled up in the centre to make the hair look voluminous and smart. A variation to this is where the hair on the sides is trimmed down to almost nothing as a result the entire focus is on the crop in the centre.


Try these hairdos on your sons, younger nephews or little brothers and come up with more of your own!

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