Trendy Hairstyling Tips for 2010

Hairstyles have changed with time but the basic methods in which tresses are meant to be taken care of by both men and women have remained the same for eons now. Hair needs to be tended to just like any other part of the body because healthy hair is a pre-requisite to incorporating any new styles. Following are some of the tips for both men and women to adhere to during 2010:

Layers: Here the hair is cropped into wavy layers and made to fall on either side of the face. The length of the hair is not as important as the texture of the hair in this case. The texture needs to be soft and lustrous to attain the perfect informal and smart look. In case of women, this can be further styled with beads dangling from one side of the head and for men it can be jazzed up curlers.


Colored Shag: In this case the hair is allowed to grow till shoulder length for women and normal short for men and there are no partings in the hair on the head. In fact the head looks like smooth dish on the surface. For both men and women, the hair is brushed neatly with a generous dash of hair spray to get the straightened look and is finished with a glossy color of auburn or burgundy to attain the impeccable glam quotient.

Colored Shag


Punk Style: The hair is trimmed short and done up in little spikes in front of the head with a decent amount of hair gel. This suits hair types of all kinds and is a sure shot age concealer for the young at heart. Care has to maintained so that the hair on the sides remain unaffected and untouched.

Punk Style


Adopting these trendy makeovers will ensure you are in sync with 2010.

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