Trendy Hairstyles That Became Famous

Hairstyles are reflection of the social lifestyle of a particular period. With every generation, hairstyles trends change. Many old hairstyles of popular icons still exist with certain variations and modifications.

The early 1900’s came up with the use of hair jewels and hats with veils and lace.

In 1907, Marcel’s hairstyle became popular and in 1910 the nurses in Europe used to cut short hairs which became fashionable.

In 1920, Louise Brook’s bob became popular with carer women. This hairstyle symbolized women’s liberation.

In 1930, Shirley Temple’s ringlet curls swept all women to try out the tight curls.

Later in 1940, women started emulating hairstyles of Rita Hayworth and Veronica also became popular.

The trend of highlighting was popularized in 1950s with the Lucille Ball’s flaming red hair. Helmet style of Doris Day and pixie cut of Audrey Hepburn are also an addition to the traditional trendy hairstyles that came up with various modifications.

People with longer hair and heart shape faces copy hairstyle of Nicole Richie or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Women with square shaped faces, sport Sandra Bullocks’ hairstyle.

Many people who have oval faces, copy Paris Hilton’s short bob or the slightly layered hair of Eva Longoria. Victoria Beckham’s bob is also famous for those with oblong faces.

The 1980’s and 1990s found many women making expenditures on salons and parlors for alluring hairstyles like that of Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. The classic hairstyles have been rotating and revolving around the time cycle with some variations.

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