Trendy Hairstyles for Teens

Teens love to give time to dressing up and are always ready to do experiments with their looks. Having a good and trendy hair style is very important to have good looks and teens can carry almost all types of hairstyles. All hairstyles, from short to long layers look good on teenagers and they are always open to try hairstyles of their favorite celebrity. So, there are so many hair styles for teenagers and below are some selected trendy hairstyles for them.

Layers in long hairs:

Layers in long hairs

This hairstyle got famous because of actress Jennifer Anniston from the television series “Friends”. This hairstyle looks good on the girls having a long facial structure as it adds volume to the hair and also brings out excellent bone structure of the face.


It is a very popular hairstyle among teens and has been favorite hairstyle of Meg Ryan, the Hollywood actress, for quite some time. This hair style looks good on girls having short to medium length hair. Your hair gets volume and bounce with this hairstyle and is very easy to maintain. This hairstyle is suitable for people who are very active in their work.

Spiky hairstyle:

Spiky hairstyle

Famous Hollywood actress, Halley Berry donned this hairstyle and after that the hairstyle got famous among teenagers. It suits on thin and lean girls with an oval shaped face. This hairstyle is easy to maintain because this style needs very short hair which are arranged into spikes using gel.

Straight silky mane:

Straight silky mane

This is a very popular hairstyle and will always remain in fashion. This hairstyle was donned by Hollywood actress Catheine Zeta Zones in so many movies. For special occasions, you can curl the end of hairs or can add waves to it. This hairstyle looks good on all facial structure but need little hard work to maintain.

All the above hairstyles are in latest trend these days and are very suitable for teenagers.

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