Trendy Hairstyles for Square Faces

Usually girls and the women look for the fashion magazine or they browse the images of various trendy hairstyles. Another way which they follow is to ask the hair experts for the best and the latest trendy hairstyles according to their facial features and hair texture. Well that’s all fine, but do you know that your decision is also as important as the suggestion from other. So lets us discuss some of the trendy hairstyles for girls and women with square face shape and see how all you there with square shape face can look gorgeous by following few simple tips.

  • Trendy Hairstyles for Square Faces Before we proceed towards the various trendy hairstyles for square faces, let us also have a look what to avoid if you have square face shape. Basically do not go with any thing which is even. Hairstyles for square face shape should have layers. You should also completely avoid the chin length hairstyles. As long as possible try to stick with long length hairs and wear the hairstyles suited to long hairs and square face shape. Also avoid fringes or bangs.
  • Now let us have a look what you can wear. As mentioned earlier to avoid the bangs or fringes, you can try something which is free from them. Messy bun is seen to be best option for girls with square face shape. It is suppose to be ideal and it also highlights facial features.
  • Another option that you can try out is the side swept fringes and loose pony tail. If you have a thinking that pony is out of fashion then I would like to clear this myth that they are versatile and they are good for all season. Side pony tails are another good option for girls with square face shape.

So these where some of the popular trendy hairstyles for square faces, I hope you have read the about the various options available for square face shapes and to look dramatic.

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