Trendy Hairdos for Women above Forty Years

There is a general tendency of women over 40 years in age to simply braid their hair in a plait, tie a pony tail or wear their carelessly long or short depending on their mood. Here are some interesting styles for such women to adopt:

Trendy Hairstyles for women with fine hair: A typical problem of maturing with time is thinning of hair. The best possible way to combat this problem is to go for a smart bob cut. This is not just trendy but extremely hassle free and requires nothing for than a quick brush from time to time. Care has to be ascertained to ensure that the hair is neatly trimmed and short. Similarly, such women can also go in for the crop hairdo where the basic style is bob but it tapers at the bottom to cling to the sides of the face.

Trendy Hairstyles for women with round faces: There are plenty of trendy hairstyles for round faces and a lady with a round face and thick hair can go for the wedge cut. It has the same length from crown to the head down and tapered at the back to the length of the top layer. It adds a little body to the hair and does not need a lot of hair care maintenance.

The next trendy hairstyle for round faces is the pixie cut that can be worn straight or in curls. The hair is layered all over the head and cut very short. This is the easiest hairstyle of all and needs to be trimmed every 5 to 6 weeks to maintain the look.

Trendy Hairstyles for women with long tresses: Earlier, mature women did not want to wear their hair long for fear of attracting unwanted attention to their age but now with easy hair coloring techniques and trendy layers and front razor cuts, these problems have been long dealt with. Such styled hair can be smartly clipped or done up in a bun with a clutch.

Trendy Hairdos

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