Trendy Hairdos for Short Hair

The short crops today can be best described as maintenance free and convenient. It is mostly adopted by young women who do not have the luxury of time thanks to their erratic work schedule. Gone are the days of bob cuts and short parted hair as the time has dawned to welcome styles far more fashionable than those. Here are just some of them:

Short hairdo for round face: Here the hair is trimmed real short and falls slightly on top of the ears. Based on the type of hair (dry, medium or oily) the hair is combed across the forehead to give the face a longer and proportioned look. This ends up looking very neat and sporty.

Trendy Hairdos for Short Hair Layered short hair for oblong face: This is similar to the first hairstyle with a twist. Here the hair is an inch or two longer and falls below the ears to suit the shape of the face. If the hair is well conditioned and puffed up, it looks voluminous and bouncy. Also, this gives a sheen effect to the hair making it ideal for a dressy look.

Wedge Cut: This is an uber cool haircut that only requires a quick brush on the way out. This style is both flexible and smart. It functions as a no-nonsense look and sits on the head with hair concentrated at the middle and reduces at the edges to give a light and dark feel.

Asymmetrical punk style: Taking on from the wedge cut, two long locks of hair are allowed to dangle on either side of the face loosely in order to give it a framed look. If these locks are colored a deep auburn or burgundy, it can make the person appear chic and hot! This might seem too daring but it is fast catching on with the youth of today even at Indian Weddings.


Try these as they are bound to make you yearn for more 😉

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