Trendiest Hair

Trendiest hair do’s of today

Trendiest hairdos of today can be identified by the likes of what hairstyles are being sported by people around, by a majority of women or men, by celebrities and by personal choices that match the choices of others as well.

The trendiest hair do’s of today are listed in categories as listed below:

Layered category

–          Layers that are funky, cut sharp with a razor, with bangs or without bangs (bangs means a fringe that is cut and falls across the forehead of a girl/woman). This is a trendy style for sure and is one that is here to stay a while!

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 2009

–          Pixie cut hair, like the hair of singer Rihaana, famous for her popular tack ‘umbrella’ has a pixie cut hair style and it looks incredible. A pixie cut is a trend that is again, here to stay! Cannot easily bid goodbye to this trend as it has a firm holding in today’s’ world or circuit of hot trends! A pixie cut is a hair style that is long in front and short-ish on the sides and back.

–          Hair trends that involve fun-coloured high lights on some strands of hair or just on the layers that are cut, colours such as golden (highlights) or silver or even colours like pink and blue are considered trendy that are so popular and considered a definite add on or enhancement to a person’s cool-quotient! Want to get cool, try the different trendy looks as spoken of in the above stated. (for highlights as mentioned in the former, try L’Oreal sticks that are highlight sticks that can be washed away with water and shampoo, and you can choose from a pool of cool ours, or get many, one to suit each one of your moods, what say?!)

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