Trend Setters In Bollywood

Trend setting patterns of Bollywood are notices immensely and especially when something different and stylish personified gets done in the large land of Bollywood. Many stars or actors/actresses are always undergoing change in their looks as they have to reinvent themselves at every step and stage to look the best that they can possibly look. This is why stylists have busy jobs and are busy bodies in the land of Bollywood. Bollywood, can be enticing and interesting at all times and yes, there is work and experimentation that gets done for actors and actresses to look wonderfully presentable at all times and all sightings. Trend setters in the Indian film industry have been iconic names such as Amitabh Bachchan who is known across the globe and his styles ranged from his yester movies, wherein he could promote looks and styles of clothing and hair that included bell bottoms and shaggy, yet formally done dual-styles look as well as the neatly combed back and wonderfully elegant as well as stylish look that he adorns whilst shooting for a clothes brand campaign (he is the ambassador and spokesperson of the brand Reid and Tailor).

There are actresses in Indian Cinema and to be more precise, actresses that have left a remarkable impression on the minds of people, and wherein people would love to see her again and again, lighting up the screen. This actress is none other than the wonderfully vibrant and always known for her beautiful hair and smile, which was wavy, slightly curly, and superb looking- Madhuri Dixit. She also has a curvy and beautiful smile so the above or rather, formerly stated simile was to both her hair and her smile!  Her hair was always lusciously combed and brushed out to give a stylish trend setting look to her entire face. A hairstyle can change the dynamics of your facial structure and one needs to understand his or her facial structure and shape before venturing into any styling of any kind- especially if it is to imitate one’s favourite trend setter and in this case the discussion and focus is on the celebs or celebrities of the grand Bollywood. From Salman Khan, who had correction doen to his hair, to SRK who has new hair looks with many thanks and credit to his fantastic stylist and hair dresser- each of them were and in today’s case, SRK is a trend setter.

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