Transform Your Look with a Trendy Hairdo

A good makeover can change the whole look of a person. The most important part of any kind of makeover is a good hairstyle but making the correct choice in this area is very difficult. Most of the times women end up making the wrong choices and then are stuck with hairstyles that either don’t suit them or cannot be maintained by them. The few important points that should be taken into consideration while choosing a hairdo are

1) Shape of the face.

2) Features.

3) Complexion

4) Hair type.

5) Personality

Trendy Hairdo

For a square face it’s essential to choose a hairstyle that makes your face look long. For example layers or curls look fantastic. As the layers fall around the face making the face look more oval then square, it gives a balanced look to a person. People who have a heart shaped face-where the forehead part is wider then the chin area-it’s important to select a hairdo that to gives a fuller effect to the face. A short haircut with long layers and soft bangs look classy.

Layered Hairstyle for a square face

The most versatile face cut is oval. Almost all kinds of hairstyles suit an oval face. All the ladies that are lucky to have an oval face can experiment with varied hairstyles. But if the shape of your face is a little longer than the oval shape then you have to be a little careful in choosing the hairstyle. Any cut which is too long or too short will not go with this kind of face cut. For people with round face it’s important to create an illusion of length to your face. Layers do a good job but they should not fall around the face otherwise it’ll make the face look even rounder. Finally, if the right hairstyle is chosen then it certainly enhances the personality of the individual and adds dollops of style.

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