Top Ten Tips for Medium Hair Style for Thick Hair

The density and natural volume of your hair also plays an important role in helping you decide which hair style to choose. For those who possess thick hair, the volume and style has a greater flexibility. But yes, there are some problems with respect to thick hair. First and foremost, when you want to opt for a longer style, your hair appears flatter as it is weighed down by the immense volume. Also, if you possess frizzy or curly hair, it seems overtly voluminous and unmanageable.

Yet, there are some recommended tips for medium hairstyles which you can opt for your thick mane.

1) Always avoid wearing your hair too long when it comes to medium hairstyles. This is so because it will only add to the weight on your head and shoulders. So, it is always ideal to sport a medium length cut.

2) Go for a layered cut since it helps in reducing volume just as it helps in adding it. It can help you lighten your tresses and give it all the more bounce and body.

Hair Style

3) You can even opt to add tapered tips or delicate fringed ends which will induce them to have more texture and at the same time some extra volume.

4) Waves also help your thick hair look great when it comes to medium hairstyles. Gentle cascading waves of curly or slightly wavy hair look awesome on a thick head of hair.

5) Avoid very short lengths and shorter layers since it would add to the puffy appearance of your hair.

6) When it comes to hairdos for medium hairstyles in thick hair, braids is what you can opt for since you can experiment with a variety of braids. A French braid looks best on medium length thick hair since you can add more parts to the braid. You can even opt for a fishtail braid. Messy buns, pony tails and partial updos are all good to be experimented with on thick medium length hair.

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7) Avoid bangs as much as possible as hairstyles look better without them on thicker hair. They tend to lie flat on your temple if your hair is thick and might even get frizzy with each passing hour.

Hair Style

8) Straight hair looks good when they are thick and you can sport medium to long hair styles with straight hair.

Hair Style

9) You can even opt for a razor cut or jagged layers on thick hair since lend a feminine touch and as well as a softer texture.

Hair Style

10) The best advice for thick hair is to avoid perming them as it would only add to volume and thickness and make your hair more unmanageable.

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