Top Five Trendy Haircuts for Men

There is always a huge variation in hairstyles for men but trend and style is getting more advanced in today’s modern time. Men are also becoming fashion conscious and want to look very attractive. For this they use to do experiments with their hair because hairs play a very important role in improving looks of any person.

Today, there are so many hairstyles available for men based on facial structure, lifestyle and type of hair. So, now you can choose the best hairstyle for you can make a unique image among your friend circle. Here are top five popular haircuts for men:

Spike Cut:

Spike Cut

This is a beautiful hairstyle which is very easy to maintain. In this hairstyle, hairs are short from sides and back with spikes that are glued on top using hair gel. So, you can get a very attractive and charming look using hair gel. Spike cut looks good on men having square cut or long face.

Messy hairdo:

Messy hairdo

It is the best hairstyle for people having thin hair. It looks little bit messy but overall personality of men get change with its fluffy feel. This hairstyle looks good on any type of facial structure.

Long layered cut:

Long layered cut

Now fashion of long hairs is gradually increasing among men and is becoming trendy hairstyle of men. It looks amazing if you have layers or messy bangs in long hairs. Long layered haircut looks attractive on men having oblong, rectangle or square face.

Crew cut:

Crew cut

It is a small and simple haircut which suits on oval shape face. It improves personality by giving distinct look to the jaw line. You can manage this hairstyle very easily.

High and tight:

High and tight

Other name of this hairstyle is military cut and because of its wacky look it is becoming style statement among men. In this hairstyle, hairs are clipped at the back and side leaving sufficient hairs on the top. It looks very attractive.

So, above are most popular five hairstyle for men and you should choose one of them based on your facial structure.

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