Tips to Maintaining Straight Hair

Tips to Maintaining Straight Hair There are tips that one needs to maintain hair. especially in this day and age, where with pollution and other factors, also keeping in mind that people soften opt for various ways to style and make hair fashion-savvy, there is an underlying need to have a good set of tips to refer to while maintaining hair, and of course, whilst maintaining straight or chemically enhanced hair!

The tips to maintain straight hair are as follows:

1)Oil hair once in a fortnight (though not initially for a few weeks after getting chemical straightening done)
Brush and comb hair for good vitality. But make sure, before brushing, there are knots removed from hair.

2)Straight hair can be addressed with a good hair spa once in a few months and use good and reputable tonics/lotions on hair for shine and enhancement.

3)Use a big toothed comb to remove knots and nothing else.

4)Make sure your hair is not severely tied up at any point as that results in breakage of hair. Do not use too many add ons to hair, like sprays and mousses for styling, unless it is once in a way.

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