Tips to Maintain a Trendy Hairstyle

Hair is the ultimate accessory; it can add to (or detract from) your overall look instantly. Keeping it in healthy condition is the most important thing you can do to help it look and feel fabulous. To help your trendy locks look their best, you can follow the below mentioned tips:

  1. Do not use plastic brushes: It is believed by hair experts that plastic brushes damage more than they do good. It is advisable to maintain styled hair with a wooden flat brush in order to add strength to it.
  2. Brush before shampooing: A set bunch of hair should be brushed before shampooing so that any tangles are removed and hair breakage is minimized.
  3. Testing water: Trendy hairstyles can be caused harm if the salt content in the water is not checked. Areas where the water has high saline content can cause damage to the hair and also spoil the look.
  4. Moistening hair ends: It is essential that the ends of the hair are moistened before the hair is colored as dry hair absorbs color faster that wet hair and cause split ends.
  5. Trimming hair ends: In order to make styled hair continue to look beautiful, it is important that the ends are trimmed regularly to facilitate hair improvement.
  6. Using color protective products: Only a good quality color protective shampoo and conditioner should be used to treat trendy colored tresses as the color faces the peril of being washed away.
  7. Try an ionic dryer: Ions are atoms with a positive or negative charge. These particular hair-dryers bathe your hair in negative ions, which help break up water molecules faster and cancel out hair-damaging positive ions.

Good luck with these sure home measures to protect your precious curls and layers J

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