Tips for Dyeing Dark Brown Medium Hair Cuts

Dyeing hair may surely alter your appearance but it is just the most appearance style that can guarantee you choice and exciting appearance. That certain hair dye is found suitable for your friend is not automatic that it will give you similar charming and artificial look. Selecting a suitable hair color is a vital step. Therefore, dyeing dark brown hair requires you to take note of some issue.

Dark Brown Medium Hair Cuts

Hair colors are in varieties and it starts between 2 and 110. The level system 2 implies the darkest brown or black hair color but level system 10 indicates very pale brown hair color. You are capable of dyeing your personal dark brown hair either way. You are advised not to exceed a variation of 2 levels between your real hair color and the commercial one. The reason is that human hair averagely increases at one centimeter per rate within a month. The purpose of this is to enable you to restrict any chances of such reasonably.

The 2 basic types of hair dyes are constant and short lived. The more constant hair dyes can be durable for some months until the hair begins to grow but it begins to lose color after six to twelve successive washing unlike the permanent dye temporary hair dyes begin to get be pale almost immediately or manage to maintain its color until immediately after wash. Ultimately 15 days is its maximum durations.

Having clearly identified your suitable hair color similar to your facial shape, skin complexion, eye color and your entire status, you are advised to settle for the permanent hair dyes. The best approach on the other hand is dyeing dark brown hair light brown.


In addition to your desired dye, to use hair dye will necessitate comb, brush as well as one glass of warm water. Let your hair be well combed and put this brush in warm water to almost 30 minutes to make it soft. To maintain smooth appearance, let your hair be parted between 5 and 6 sections. Go ahead to further divide one of these sections into 3 and 4 turf. Dye each of the turf using brush and repeat the process until you complete all. Normally, when you dye your hair, it does not show appearance feature until you display it to the ray of sun. Keep managing the hair if you fancy the look; otherwise get a competent stylist to wash off the dye.


As much as dyed hair is glossier under the sunlight, unfortunately the ultraviolet ray is prone to make the hair less bright. Apply the shampoo and conditioner couple with UV protection. Ensure that you get your hair washed for more than two times in a week so that the dye can be retained for reasonable period of time. You may prevent contrast by dyeing the roots once in every 10 days, but don’t ever subject your hair to bleaching as this may bring out hair damage. Again, be reminded that the natural oils and moisture escapes faster in dyed hair than the natural hair. In treating your hair, just apply such hair care product fully made up of protein; massage your hair using warm oil such as cocoanut, olive and so on two times weekly. Guard your hair from dust normalize shampooing at short interval.

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