The Hair Straightening Methods

Hair Straightening Methods

There are many ways and methods to straighten hair. the methods that are most viable are those that are effective and give a good result. The methods for straightening hair are temporary ones, such as ironing hair with a good hair straightener (such as the ones that one can choose from, of the brand Remington) or any other product induced way to straighten hair, with mousse, serum, hair lotion for straightening, blow-drying hair and so on.

There are other ways and methods to straighten hair which has a long lasting effect, such as Extenso treatment, Relaxo treatment and of recent, milk straightening with L’Oreal milk based products for long effect lasting hair straightening. These methods are good for achieving straight hair, which is long and shiny as well. The products and the straighteners today offer a Teflon protection on the blades so that ironed hair does not look dull, but on the contrary, looks shiny and glossy!

The methods of long lasting hair straightening methods are good for people who do not mind revisiting the salon to retouch the hair every once in a while. This is because, as the new hair grows out from the roots of the head, the hair that is new is obviously going to be natural and of the texture that one already had before the straightening. So retouching every once in six months, (the time that hair grows out) is needed.

Whilst milk treatments with the use of products that have conditioning and milk / lactose agents can be effective, the methods that entail hair straightening methods and processes, like Extenso and Milk Straightening g(procedure) are far more effective and the effects are certainly long lasting, with a durability that lasts for over six months or until new hair grows out from the roots of the head.

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