The Fads in Fashion of Celebrities

The fashion trends that set in and create a mark are those that are fashionable, of course, to state the obvious but also, at many a time, they include trends that are seen in famous personalities and people who are in the limelight. People dress up and then there are people who ape celebrities and try their best to copy their styles to the tee and the exact way to be more particular. There are many fads and fashion quotients that are seen in the land of celebrities and both Hollywood, internationally as well as our own Bollywood brings in a sense of trend setting forum.

Fads that celebrities internationally are seen sporting are hipster pants and hair that is funky- which looks unruly and cut up in fringes and more, but in reality it is the sporting of a unique and fashionable style sense that is created by the hair stylists that rule Hollywood and the land of cinema. Fashion faux-pas or in other words, fashion overrules are those trends that are not appreciated and are just plain wrong. Yes, there are celebrities across the globe that are pin pointed for bad or unacceptable fashion as well at times. Like one knows, celebrities are always in the limelight and are always talked about as well as followed with cameras and paparazzi.  Fads in fashion are also things like hairclips and hair adorning that seems to be in fashion sync.

Hair styles like the singer Rihanna called the popular styles Pixie hairstyle or cut is one that is creatively superb and is being sported by more than many people who have taken to this look,. the hair cut is basically one that is fringed and cut in layers in the front of the head and forehead and really short at the back. So the maintenance is easy as the hair is by and large, short at the back of the head and is fringed and creative in front. Even stars like Victoria and David Beckham, the Beckham duo as I like to put it are very creative in their hair stories. Clothes from designers like Tom Ford and Chanel are taking precedence in models and actors across the globe. Besides these, there are super comfortable brands like Mango and Aldo for clothes and shoes respectively, which have endorsements done by celebrities too. For more on fads- read this site!

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