The Fad of Straight Hair Amongst School Teenagers

Teenagers Hair Style

Look around you! Look at school going girls! The teenage market today is a very large one for nearly every hair product and hair brand!

The teenagers today are so fashion and style conscious that it can give a lesson or two to us, adults! For the age bracket that young, hair that is straight is a novelty and it has proceeded to becoming a fad and a fashion statement amongst school teenagers.

From short skirts to torn jeans, fashion has taken a 360 degree turn and the same goes with hair. while hair was never a thing that school going teenagers would ever have dreamt of focusing on, in the earlier generations, in this day and age, hair styles and hair related aspects are known very well by teenagers and in fact, it is a personal thought that the hair straighteners that now, come in a variety of colours, mostly shades of shocking pink, were introduced to attract the teenage market! Coloured hair straighteners and hair straightening are common things in a life of a typical metropolitan school going teenager. Teenagers truly take to pop stars, and everyone knows this! Do you not? I am fairly certain that teenagers have imbibed the eternal words of famous popstar Lady GaGa, -‘Poker Face’. And which better way to achive having poker straight hair than to go in for treatments that make hair straight or in the case of many a teenager, what better way than to get hair straightened via a colourful hair iron or hair blades, or hair straightener ( hair straighteners today, come in a variety of colours, the most popular being pink- and as one knows it, any shade of the colour pink is a complete girl’s lovable colour of choice).

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