Summer Long Haircuts for Kids

Summer time is time for play, long hours in the sun or water, time to get dirty and not have to worry about a thing in the world. Or so it seems to all kids. But to their mothers, it means giving them a haircut which would be easy to clean and maintain.

Take a look at some of the haircuts that kids can flaunt during the summer days:

The long bob haircut is a haircut which looks great on young girls. The long bob cut frames their pretty faces and can be held back with colourful headbands or pulled back in a pony tail without destroying the haircut. The hair easily falls back in place. However, if the hair is kept open most of the time, it would be prone to split ends and would need a regular trim.


Many girls who are keeping their hair long, can keep their hair and tie it back in interesting ways to allow for play with no hair hassles. As seen here, the long hair can be parted from the middle or the side; then the hair can be pulled back into a single or two pony tails on the sides. Again, the hair can be pulled back and partially secured with a fancy clip, allowing the hair at the back to fall free while the rest of the hair is kept free from the face.


For boys, long haircut looks cute but needs a little more care and attention than short hair. If the natural hair of your boy is wavy, you can allow it to grow long till the forehead is covered and trim the edges and allow the hair to fall into place, giving a cute look with those curly locks. If your boy has straight hair, he can flaunt a side parting and keep slightly long bangs in front which can be neatly combed to the side. Spiky hairdos are another option for fashionable young boys.

Finally, if there are formal or special events to go for, you could also curl up the locks of your pretty girl’s long hair and give an elegant look to her tresses as seen here.


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