Styling Products to Avoid

Styling Products to Avoid – To Avoid Hair Loss

Styling Products to Avoid Styling products to avoid. Here in lies the secret to great hair care- Not to use anything that has chemicals in it. Is this possible or rather, is this feasible? No, it certainly is not! In fact, there are ways to avoid hair loss and though, people cannot help using chemicals as today, nearly every shampoo, conditioner, serum, lotion has got a certain amount of chemical infestation in it.

There are some styling products that are good to avoid, like excessive use of serum or in other words, using serum for hair every time you wash it. This is not necessary at all times, and is certainly not good for skin that is sensitive or acne prone. If you are prone to acne, then please run as fast as you can away from a jar of serum, as it will create more acne and sensitivity to your skin. (serum is used on hair and not scalp, and the serum applied hair at some point will have contact with your skin and this will create the situation of more acne and sensitivity on your facial skin)

Styling products like sprays or mousses can be avoided generally, unless they are used on occasions. Also, bear in mind that skin and hair do have a connect and if mousses, such as from companies like Herbal essence may be less laden with chemicals, there is still the presence of un-natural inducements. There are products of L’Oreal that are wonderful for hair. In fact, even the serums from the L’Oreal range are made with hair maintenance kept in mind. Using the Liss Extreme serum of the famous L’Oreal brand of hair products is not as invasive as using a few other serums that can be completely greasy and sticky for hair. but yet, read the above to know that serum is to be avoided for skin that is senstitive)

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