Styling of Wavy hair

Everybody is very fond of having a stylish look that draws the attraction of the passer-by. Wavy hair is the first attempt in this field as it is the most popular and latest trend among the men and women during these days. Below are the few guidelines how you get a different look:

  • image Give movement of upside down to your hair and after washing, spray your hair with texture spray or with volume and give a good massage of it to your hair. This will definitely give strength and texture to your hair.
  • But if texture of your hair is wavy or curly then, use of straightening balm is more effective before going for any hair style.
  • To give this style a gorgeous look, your hair should brushed many times.
  • Then divide your hair in three sections with the help of clips.
  • Pick one inch of one section and set it with the help of styling spray. Then have a start by wrapping of your hair on the barrel of the curling iron. The hair must be wrapped in such a way that its end remained loose just to give them a natural look.
  • Pin your hair just close to the scalp after rolling completely.
  • The looks of the curls entirely depends on the direction in which the hair are rolled and if one wants to give a new and attractive look to her hair, then the different barrels must be rolled in different directions. Thus, many different look of wavy hair can be attained by just changing the directions and tightness of barrels.
  • Now, if the hot pinned curls cooled down then open them.

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