Straight Wavy Hairstyles

If you are looking for styling your hairs in the straight wavy manner, then you must go with the straight wavy hairstyles. Straight wavy hairstyles are perfect for women having medium or long hairs. Straight frizz free hairs are something that almost every woman is looking for and you can get them in less effort. Here are few of the tips on straight wavy hairstyles which will define nice shaped waves and will give you an appealing and stunning look.

Straight Wavy Hairstyles Method 1: in this method you need to use straightner or flat iron to give a straight wavy hairstyle to your hairs. Firstly you need to wash your hairs for preparing them for the styling. Now dry your hairs with dryer, else if you are not in hurry you can also opt to dry them naturally. Use the wide comb to comb your hairs. Now use the straightner on the medium heat, apply it on your hairs. It is also recommended to apply the hair protection lotion for saving the hairs for the burn. Run the straightner on every small section of your hairs and repeat it until your finish the straightening of all the sections. By doing this you will get the straight and slight wavy hairstyle.

  • The next method to get the straight wavy hairstyles is by using blow dryer. Use the blow dryer to get the straight wavy hair and get the desire hair look in less time. Firstly wash your hair and dry them thoroughly. Apply the heat protection lotion and then divide your hairs into section. Now use the round or flat brush and run the blow dryer on every section. After repeating it for twice or thrice you will get the nice straight wavy hairstyle.

You can try these mentioned techniques to style your hairs in the straight wavy manner, but make sure you indulge your hairs with proper hair care and also maintain the hair health.

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