Straight Hair or Curly Hair

Straight Hair or curly hair? Which is a More Popular fad (trend).?

Straight Hair or Curly Hair There was a time in the 80’s where every second person wanted a curl and a twirl in their hair! styles were tuned to having curls and perms, making permed hair a style that very popular in the 80’s and through a large part of the 90’s as well. Then came the fad and the fixation for poker staright hair and this was here to stay.

It depends on woman to woman, as to what their personal choice for hair could be. With the progressive ways of getting both permed and straight hair, there is less damage one inflicts with the use of the people and recommended products as well as choosing proper methods of getting either straight or permed hair!

The more popular hair trend would be straightened hair as this is seen adorned by many women and girls, making it a definite and a strong trend that is immensely popular, and also, one that is seen and chosen by most women in the world. Statistics show that girls like to experiment with hair and most girls who do, opt for straight hair first in their choice of experimentation. Though there is a percentage of people who indulge in major curls and twirls with their hair. There are rollers put to hair that is slightly curly or wavy to make hair even curlier and make hair look diverse and creative! Hair that is straight is seen as boring to some, whilst others keep revisiting with salons and their stylists to retouch their rebonding or  extensor treatments of hair; making them therefore have poker straight hair! so, in conclusion, it would be a safe guess that to each her own, meaning that choice of a popular trend is upto the styles that a majority of women portray over a period of time!

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