Sleek Celebrity Haircuts

Sleek hairstyles form a good repertoire for different looks including the night life, social events, or just a breeze through town. Sleek in its own way is a unique hairstyle as it can be combined with loads of styles like choppy and layers. A sleek hairstyle can bring about a totally different look that the individual was not aware and that a great stylist can see. A thorough research is necessary for one to choose hairstyles which are sleek and sexy. We have collated few of the sleek hairstyles which are as under:

Sleek Celebrity Haircuts

The celeb has textured her hair in the ends, parted on the side and blow dried over the head for creating volume. She has made use of shine serum is a wonderful tool to get that extra glimmer into any mane.

The hairstylist has styled the hair as straight as a plumb line and textured in layer. The hair has been given a relative side section, with gel applied which is applied without any compromise and blown dry with possibly a vented ceramic brush. A flat iron has been used to create the steely smooth appeal and to display the angles along her face. The gorgeous smile on her face just adds to the classy look.

The hairstylist has cut the hair to have it in a tapered line around the face and with slightly textured ends. The bangs are barely covering the eyebrows. The hair has been blow dried and straightened and sleeked with some of shine serum added.

The hairstylist has provided long bob features with an even length all around. This is coupled with a high side parting and slightly textured ends. A large round brush is your best friend when it comes to creating the straightness of the hair with a soft inward curve at the bottom. Blow dry over the brush and add a little smoothing serum.

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