Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

If you have long hair, you often wonder how you would be able to style it. Though it looks great when you flaunt it in it’s natural elements, you get tired of the look easily. And then what are the ways you could add variety to your long hair? Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

There are numerous ways you could do so. If you want to add variety along the lengths without compromising on the hair length, then go in for layers. A layered haircut consists of giving the edges a layered look where the topmost hair strand will be shortest in length while the length increases as you go down. You could opt for a circular halo like effect around your face; or you could opt for beveled cut where the layers are cut more towards the ends of the hair. The layered ends can then be styled in various ways.

If you like to keep it straight and long, then go in for hair straightening and thin down the edges and give them a long, tapered look. If you have fine, thin hair and would like to add body and volume to your hair, then opt for waves or curls to the layers and this will help you to achieve the desired effect.

Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

Finally, another way of adding variety to your long hair is by means of bangs. Bangs are like accessories to long hair; it breaks the monotone of the hair length and adds glamour to the entire look. The most versatile of all bang styles is the side swept bangs.

Side swept bangs are cut in a more gradual lengthening manner than blunt cut fringes which sit straight and blunt across the forehead. The side swept bangs can be short in length, sitting just above the eyebrows, or could lengthen beyond the eyebrows, which can be swept to the sides with the flick of a brush or the hand.

Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

The side swept bangs can sweep into a layered long hairstyle easily; as they sweep side ways, they appear as extension of the layered long hair.

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