Short Wedge Bob Hair Cuts

Short wedge bob hair cut is suitable for all people. Short wedge bob hair cuts came to limelight in 1970s during the Olympics when spectators were watching Dorothy Hamill the skating champion. Short wedge has many angles on it and it varies in length. Short wedge bob hair cuts could be short or medium with layers at nape (neck). To do this short wedge bob hair cuts, you will begin from the back through the hairline and the layers cut, it is made a little longer than the one below. The short hair will be closer to back (neck) while the long ones will be the layer that is uppermost. Short wedge bob hair cut adds expected weight line and gives you an absolute attractive appearance.

Here are some different types of sort wedge bob hair cuts:

Short Wedge Bob Hair Cuts a. Short wedge bob hair cut for women:

This type of hair style is done by most celebrities. Short wedge bob hair cuts are of different types with side brushed bangs and layers. Short wedge techniques are used for stacked bobs, tapered cuts, inverted bob hair cuts and mushroom cuts. Short wedge cutting methods are applied where an absolute volume is required at the hair back by the stylist.

. Classic short wedge bob hair cuts:

Longer layers are cut off at the backs more than the layers at the front sides. The appearance is also based on the elevated angles. Merely changing the angle will surely change the style. If you are the type that has thick hair, you can shape the upper layer to wedge style.

c. Short wedge with bangs:

Addition of tapering and layering at the nape (neck) give your hair adequate volume with swing. The front hair is left longer with bangs or side brushed bangs.

This is just to mention a few as there are some other types like layered short wedge bob hair cuts, asymmetrical wedge bob hair cuts and angled short wedge bob hair cut. All the above mentioned hairstyles are good for all age groups.

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