Short Trendy Hairstyles

One is always aware of all the latest trends and fashions, and also keeps a desire of wanting to don the latest. Some may have the courage to do so, while others would prefer to sit back and admire those who prefer to bring themselves up to date completely with the latest. For one, those in the glamour industry and the general page 3 lot are the ons who largely promote the latest, but apart from that there are many common people who do the same and encourage others to follow suit.

In India, for long it was a typical tradition for women to grow their hair long. However, in the last couple of decades women in general are venturing into getting short trendy hairstyles. The numbers began with a few, but has been steadily increasing.

This is because women have realized the need to make themselves happy. It is more about creating their own image, rather than living according to other’s whims and fancies. So, even a homemaker from a traditional family experiments every now and then with new short haircuts and let their daughters also do the same. They in fact go through various sources to keep abreast with latest in hairstyles and haircuts. And their spouses encourage their wives to keep with the times. The common short layered hairstyles are the easiest to manage, and even easier to cut. Most school going children are given this cut, because it is simpler to wash and maintain, as well as clean off the lice that children tend to pick from each other. There are a few hairdressers who specialize in the children short haircut styles.

Where the adventurous young girls in college are concerned, they are more open to experimenting with various styles. For them its either the short shag haircut or then the short and spikey haircuts.

The younger lot of people not only experiment with trendy short haircuts, but also with various styling methods. Those with straight hair get their hair permed. Those with curly or wavy hair get their hair straightened. And a majority of youngsters get their hair colored ranging from something subtle to something wild and eye-catching.

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