Short Shag Hairstyles

If your style alternates from casual to utter formals you need that perfect haircut that allows you this kind of switching over. One has to adopt a suitable haircut to suit the lifestyle of the person. Shag styles suited the retro styles of the sixties and most common with the hippie culture. There are newer variations in modern shag hairstyles that is suitable for this-day kind of feel. Shag styles are suited to all hair types. One can have shag hairstyles in wavy, curly or even straight hair. All one needs to allot a certain time to cultivate that not-so-easy messy look.

The crown part usually has a lot of hair in the shag haircut. One can have a mass or mop of hair in the crown area with gentle waves framing the hair. Side parting styles are also easy as the uneven haircut allows the natural fall.

Wavy hair is a blessing for shag styles. The tousled out of bed look is easy in wavy styles. Application of mousse and back combing would be required for ultra thin hair inorder to create volume. Keep the lowest first cut till the eyebrows and let the other part be in shaggy uneven length. Most shag styles are not below the nape of the neck.

Shag styles are also cool for older people as the volume is what enhances the facial features. Go for a blunt style hair cut and chip the hair unevenly. Let the hair fall on its own and this may also seem ideal for the summers. Post maternity hair fall solutions are available in manageable shag styles. As one could be pressed for time, a simple hair wash and blow dry effect is easy for new moms. This way one can combine style and easy maintenance.

Go for blondes or absolute burgundy. Colour your hair completely as shag styles do not happen for streaking. One can add more bounce with the all spiral perm and others who do not prefer the same can opt for straightening. Shag styles sure need to be taken care of as the razor may also be used to cut hair. This causes frizzy hair and also end in split ends. If one has natural light hair then go for the frizzy hair cut and alternate the partings.

Another teenage shag haircut could be the grunge look in funky style. Go for long wisps in the neck area and keep the hair cut till the forehead in its first wave. Use gel and blow dry hair away from the face. Secure the hair with a dependable spray. Bangs are preferred for adding grace. Layer the hair or use the uneven cut. The range in shag haircuts for men too is admirable.

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