Short Medium Hairstyles Images Gallery

Short to medium length hair is flaunted in a short layered crop on top and the layers reach hardly upto the chin level. Highlights further accentuate the heavily graduated locks.

Medium length hair worn in punk or gothic style, the hair has asymmetric bangs on top and long layers by the sides thinned down and tapered.


A colorful emo hairstyle is seen here on medium length hair. Sharply separated bangs and tapered, razor cut layers are coloured with a bright orange hair colour.


A Mohawk hairstyle is flaunted on short to medium length hair. Accentuated with spiked hair on top and emo style bangs, the side hair lengths are kept uneven and edgy.


An elegant and feminine layered bob haircut is flaunted here. Paired with fringe like bangs on top, this is a quaint hairstyle to flaunt.

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