Short Hairstyles For Men

Since time immemorial it has been a commonplace tradition that men don short hair or baldpates and women grow their hair long. However, in some cultures men have been encouraged to grow their hair for various religious reasons. Take for instance the Red Indians, and in India the Sikhs. In Sikhism, maintaining long hair is one of the premises prescribed in the religion.

There was a time when cutting men’s hair was one of the easiest tasks. There was no technique and training required. And definitely no particular styling preference. It was all about get the hair cut short, and keeping it in shape. But, this simplicity did not last long enough. Whether for better or for worse is not a matter of concern. Though most would say that it is better this way, as men are more conscious of their looks now, than they every were. Today, hairstylists undergo training in short hairstyles for men. They need to learn various techniques of haircutting and styling. In fact, the styles sometimes get complex. This self-awareness amongst men has all the more cropped up because of the boom in media exposure. Today, celebrities are known like never before. Everyone wants to emulate their styles. And so every hairstylist in town needs to know how to achieve the same celebrity hairstyle.

The young college going crowd have a specific demand – punk short hairstyles. However, this is not a popular demand. There are some young men, who are adventures with a wild streak in them. They prefer punk styles and experimentation with vibrant colors. Not only that, some also request for the stubble on their head and something or the other shaved. This could be a name, a particular word, or a shape or object. Then there are the various haircuts for short hair. These are usually tagged after the celebrity, who dons it. For instance, when this popular movie – Dil Chahata Hai released almost everyone wanted to get the look donned by the actors. So it cam to be known as the Dil Chahata Hai look.

For those with wavy hair, the stylists have invented the short choppy haircuts. This makes the hair fall flat on the head. Otherwise, if wavy or curly hair is not cut well, it could just end up looking like a large ball of coarse wool on the head. Today mens short haircuts is considered an art and craft; and this has given hairstylists, hairdressers and barbers their due prestigious place in society.

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