Short Hairstyle

To define short hair, we would to take the length as a yardstick. So the length above shoulder falls under short hair cut. People often take short hairstyle as easy going and low maintenance cut but still one has to give lot of effort to choose the right cut and should be able to communicate it correctly to the hair stylist other wise there are chances you might end up spoiling you looks.

Short hairstyles are very much in fashion. So if you are thinking of a short haircut, you need to consider few things before taking a plunge. Whatever short hair cut you select, it should accentuate your face; as facial structure and head plays important role in the kind of hairstyle you can have on. The other important thing about the short hairstyle is maintenance. Although, it is said that short hair does not require much maintenance but still it depends on your style and hair type because the hair grows at varied rate and unevenly. So, one need to get it trimmed regularly.

First of all find the shape of your face like: Long face, round face, oval shape face, heart shape face, rectangular shape face, triangular shape face etc. If you have round face, you simply can’t go with any short hairstyle since you would like your face to look little longer. For this you need short hair in layers. Similarly, if you have long face, one need a hairstyle that distracts the attention of the onlooker from the length. So for this you can’t go for very short but you need chin length bob cut.

If you are going for the short hair cut first time or after a long time, your discomfiture is understandable. But don’t take the decision in haste, take step by step so that you don’t feel odd or hesitate in going to your office or friends party next day. We would suggest you to take baby steps like get the hair cut till from collar bone, till middle neck or till jaw line in consecutive sittings.

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