Short Hair This Summer

Short hair- It’s a wonderful way to wear your hair. Short and simple. Of course, today, hair stories tell us different tales. Each hair style and cut has a story to tell. A tale to narrate actually to be more clear. Hair today is so important to a person, especially ladies and girls that people are willing to take the plunge and try experimental styles as they know that the after effects would include much of looking after and maintenance and people are willing to spend time and dedicated efforts in looking after their own hair.

Short hair this summer is ideal. After the monsoons, and a spell of winter, the summer months would hold sweat and humidity and thereby the best way is to go short. For people with long or medium (in-between) styled hair, one can notice how they would wear their hair up in a ponytail or tie it in a bun even as ways to beat the heat. Short hair can be worn with ease and carried with out much ado and effort in    the summer and sunny months of the same. The summer sun brings with it sunshine and also, sweat to the person who wear their hair over their shoulders. As lime and lemon juice would do the trick to cool a person, or any kind of cooling ade for that matter, so would short hair aid in cooler feeling for the person who adorns this style as well as this particular length of hair.  Hair is short and long and medium, yet every hair style of these basic three lengths can stand out and look uniquely creative. Why? Because with technology and creations, hair fashion too has taken leaps and bounds further to come up with new and innovative ideas and creations, making every hair cut look different and not rarely different but totally and all the time different from another hair cut of a similar length of hair. Short hair can be bobbed, and it can be of fringe styles as well or sans it. it can be pixie styled and it can have other variations to it. Short hair can be dressed pretty with the usage of clips and pins, when one wants to seem funky over summer. Clips help hold hair that may be outgrown as well at times, making it functionally good too. Short hair- does ooze with style, not with sweat as the length is ideal for summer.

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