Short Bob Haircuts

Short hair cuts are not just about kids bob hair cuts. Today the hair cuts for kids is a much evolved area where there is a combination of style and ease in sporting the hair cut. Kids are demanding too and style is something which is highly liked by them. A short summer crop hairstyle is generally employed to save the children from the ghastly heat. But this is not the only solution. There are styles in layers, short fringes, short and snippy ends and the absolute chic hair cut in bob styles that suit all children uptil high school.

A look of the yesterdays are created with huge wavy curls that cover the crown and rests on the nape of the neck. Feminine styles are also about covering the back of the neck and leaving the ears open which can be highlighted with the best piece of jewelry in earrings. The same style can be given variety with blow drying the front hair over on to the forehead and giving it an abandoned look. Razor cut is the best way to snip short and bob haircut is easy to maintain. This is a more of a lifestyle hair cut and most available with people with fast and speedy life.

Short bob hairstyles which hang around the ears are not suited for completely round faces especially the ones that have chubby cheeks. The person will further end up looking childish. The height of the person can also be altered with a balance created to keep hair more on the crown area so as to puff the crown area to add more height to the person. A graduated bob can be kept with layers to give a mysterical look. The idea is also to minimalise the eye make up and go for nude lip balms.

Short bob hair cuts are easy to maintain and wash. Split ends and direct sunlight can cause bad hair days though this is rarely possible in a short bob hair cut. If the hair is naturally curly then one can go for long spiral curls that overlap the crown hair. The hair is to be cut really short as the effect needs to be more on the top of the head. Bangs do a lot for the face and perhaps most preferred for the easy style look. Bangs can be directly coming over the eyebrows or a little fringed ones or the side swept bang is the latest thing. One could use a styling gel for a blow drying effect on one side to create a superb bob style.

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