Shag Hairstyles

Among various haircuts and styles one has to adapt to the latest ones. It is not a wise decision to go for a hairstyle to ensue that desperate makeover. Most haircuts today demand maintenance and hair cannot be taken for granted.

Hair care is not about the right shampoo and conditioner but one needs to learn the art of styling, gels and a simple know how to change partings and arrange hair. Shag hairstyles are the latest style. These are simple manageable styles and though they seem to be akin to the messy hairstyle these are a niche on their own.

There are dimensional shag hairstyles and also routine shag haircut for the carefree types. The haircut is short and seems whacky but also suited to chic and elegant styles. A sleeveless knee length black dress with body fit and a good shag hair cut is what will turn heads in your direction. Shag styles are in and one should adopt the same after leafing through a few variations. Actually shag styles naturally allow volume and hence it is also suited to thin baby hair type. If you have hair that is of the thick variety, then it has to be tapered and framed over the face.

Shag HairstylesStylists are usually professional with their suggestions and you may choose the one which is your style. If one is wary of the bizarre shag cut then one can go for soft layers falling on your cheeks. The most important thing of a shag haircut is that the crown of the hair is where most of the hair sits. This is also good to give an impression of height which is important for short person. Another point to be remembered is that the entire face changes with a haircut in shag style and one could also require do a bit on the make up applying skills.

Get more spunk with that spiral shag. The hair is in spiral perm almost like a spring. The uneven cut is again as per the face type and most of it is just touching the shoulders and up the ear. This is again needed to be arranged with hands as combing will spoil the look. Blow dry or towel dry hair and use a good conditioner to let the hair set in. The hair looks best as jet black though colouring in dark hues is a choosy option.

The out-of-bed look is not just about tousled hair. It has to be styled and maintained. Go for regular trims as split ends is a common problem. The ends of the hair are frayed and hence prone to splitting. Repair hair with a special shampoo and use a soft pillow while going to bed. The fine tooth comb or special comb is required to get the messy look in this short hair.

Blondes or red is the colour suited. The haircut in this shag style is with straight hair and the shortest length is up till the eyebrows graduating to uneven trims till the neck. Worn long or short shag hair cuts allows variations.

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