Shag Hair Styles

Shag hair styles- Easy or difficult to maintain?

Shag hair styles are not difficult to maintain. They are considerably easy to maintain. Yes, to keep the shag look intact, at times, the need for a good mousse to hold the uneven layers in place (the uneven layer cuts or razor cuts is the main essence of a shag hair cut/style) is necessary. But besides that, the look can be kept to with the simplest of means and ways. A good shampoo that compliments your hair type; a periodic trim so that the layers do not transform from being shaggy, to un-recognizably un-ruly.

The style of shaggy hair is mainly to make hair look funky and un-tamed. Sometimes, if your hair type is thick or difficult, then yes, you need to use the right gel or product to hold the hair (tries a good hairspray but avoid serum if you have acne prone or sensitive skin). The look of shaggy hair otherwise, if you do not have difficult hair, can be easily styles to perfection with a good wash and a comb (big-toothed) and post complete drying of hair, a good brushing of the hair with or without a light blow-dry!

If shag hair styles are overtly blow dried or ironed or has too many products added to it, then the look changes and becomes the opposite of shag hair; it may look settled and proper, which in turn defeats the purpose of a good, shag hair style/cut. The purpose of having a shag hair cut is so that it looks funky and un-even. Therefore, with the above mentioned it is pretty obvious that a shag hair style/cut does not require high maintenance and thereby is an easy style to maintain. It is an easy haircut to keep to post the cut. The requirements for its maintenance or manageability, as one may like to refer to it as, is not tiresome.; nor is it time-consuming.

The pictures in this article will show you exactly what a shag hair looks like and in the process; will prove the above said/mentioned statements on shag hair,

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