Shag Hair Styles Trends

Shag hair styles- the newest in hair trends

Shag hair styles are styles that comprise layers in hair. The hair is cut with layers, and is left razor cut unevenly, to give a shag (shaggy) look. It is considered a look that is trendy and leaning towards funky as well. It does suit every facial type because the layers are uneven and actually, a slightly chubby (healthy) face structure could look a lot thinner with a good shag hair style or cut.

Also, women who want to add colouful highlights to shaggy or shag hair makes the look even trendier and looks hip as well as cool. It is cut to give a stylish appearance to hair, with or without setting it. If one sets it, the look may differ from looking like a shag hair style. The idea is for one to leave the hair, after washing it and combing it. A maximum of a good mousse to define the shag ends of the hair is not a bad idea (if necessary and only at times). And once hair is completely dry, then running a brush over your hair is a good way to maintain shag hair or any hair style/cut for that matter. Use bristles that are soft and not hard for avoiding breakage of hair and follicles of hair.

Shag hair is seen on many women today; including men. This type of hair style is a popular one, probably gaining popularity as the days proceed. The newest in hair trends involves the shag hair trend/style. While you can see actresses in Hollywood wear the shag hair like it was the trendiest fashion statement, like Demi Moore or Sharon Stone, there are regular people too who go out there and get themselves a shag hair look/style that suits them a lot, making them look fashionable and fun!

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